Loving Yourself Is Not Sin

A few days ago, while looking through my memories on Facebook, I saw an old post of mine. In this post, I was talking about how, at the time, I genuinely believed that I was unlovable. I saw myself as someone who didn't deserve love or companionship because I felt inherently broken. I couldn't envision … Continue reading Loving Yourself Is Not Sin

Does God Require Adversity?

"The fact is, God is not concerned whether we are happy or not. But he is very concerned over whether we are holy. We can be happy and on our way to hell. But if we are holy, it is only because the Holy One is at home in his temple, our hearts. So we … Continue reading Does God Require Adversity?

How to Respond to Hurtful People

A month or so ago, a good friend asked me to write a post on this topic. She told me that she thought I'd have some helpful things to say. I will admit that when she told me this, I thought she was a little crazy. What can I actually speak about that would be … Continue reading How to Respond to Hurtful People