Thoughts For Deconstruction

Thoughts For Deconstruction

Episode 3: Your Body Is Your Own

Episode 2: Your Doubts Are Important

Episode 1: God Sees You

“Thoughts For Deconstruction” is a new podcast designed to validate where you find yourself in your deconstruction journey.

So many of us carry with us toxic messages from our former faith communities. These messages can impact how we see ourselves as human beings, how we feel about our bodies, and how we speak to ourselves. It takes a conscious effort to become mindful of these damaging messages and to find new messages to counteract them.

Each week, Shari will upload a short message to help give you language to speak to yourself more kindly and to reframe how you view yourself.

These podcast episodes are produced primarily for those attempting to reframe their faith into healthier narratives, but there will be something for everybody regardless of where their journey takes them.