Mental Illness and Abuse in Christianity

Content Warnings for Discussion of untreated/unmanaged mental illness, suicide, and domestic violence "Am I allowed to end a relationship with an abusive person even if they have unmanaged mental illness?" This was a question I posted on Facebook nearly a decade ago to a select group of trusted friends. I grew up in a culture … Continue reading Mental Illness and Abuse in Christianity

Breaking Free (Video)

There is such a thing as healthy religion and healthy Christianity. But for so many of us, we experienced something else. Toxic faith. High control Christianity. Religious abuse. We had our agency stripped from us. We internalized lies about our worth and our place in this world. Women, in particular, were preyed upon and groomed … Continue reading Breaking Free (Video)

God Sees You Podcast Transcript

You can find the audio for this podcast episode on Spotify. God Sees You In todays episode, I want to encourage you with this thought: God sees you.  God tells the Prophet Samuel that he doesn’t look at outward appearances like men do. God goes deeper and sees into the heart.  For those of us … Continue reading God Sees You Podcast Transcript