Social Media Virtual Assistant

My passion is found in creation: blog posts/pages, social media copy, graphic creation, and more!

Frustrated with trying to come up with content ideas? Tired of trying to find time to manage your social media?Let me help!


Need an about page or contact page? Perhaps you struggle with keeping your website updated with new content each month. Maybe you just need someone to keep an eye on updates and engaging with comments. I’m your woman – get in touch and let me know what sort of website help you’re looking for!

Graphic & content creation

Without a social media presence that is updated regularly with new content, your business is sure to sink. This is where I come in. I can create as much content as you need to keep you going. I offer monthly packages as well as weekly. Get in touch today and let me know what your content needs are and let’s talk!

I am able to handle Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I can also suggest video ideas or create text-centered videos for platforms like: Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube.

I am also able to provide weekly engagement with your followers on each of these platforms.

Facebook Group Moderation

Facebook groups are a key part of connecting with your audience; they create a sense of intimacy with the organization or the influencer. However, keeping conversation flowing and moderating the comments can be time-consuming task. This is where I can help. I have worked as a volunteer and a professional group moderator for multiple organizations, my responsibilities have included engaging with the members in discussions, watching for troublesome behavior and addressing it immediately, fostering healthy conversation, and creating weekly graphics/content to facilitate discussion centering around my client’s brand. I am ready to help you with whatever your group needs are.