You Are God’s Precious One

They lied to youAbout your identity They told you thatThat your sinClung to your soul at conceptionThe way flesh clings to bone They told youThat you deserved damnationAnd endless tortureNot for anything you've doneBut for what you are They told you thatGod cannot love youUnless you hate yourself They told you lies upon liesAbout who … Continue reading You Are God’s Precious One

God Sees You Podcast Transcript

You can find the audio for this podcast episode on Spotify. God Sees You In todays episode, I want to encourage you with this thought: God sees you.  God tells the Prophet Samuel that he doesn’t look at outward appearances like men do. God goes deeper and sees into the heart.  For those of us … Continue reading God Sees You Podcast Transcript

Deconstructing & “The Other”

"Faith is supposed to be about God, not people" I remember not too long ago being one of those people. You know the ones. The kind of Christian who can acknowledge that there are those who are leaving the church in anger. I would hear them point out the toxicity and the hurt they've experienced … Continue reading Deconstructing & “The Other”