Never The Good Girl (A Poem)

Never The Good Girl
by Shari A Smith
March 5, 2020

She never was the good girl
She never played by the rules
Every time they tried to lock her in
She always found a way out

She wasn’t supposed to wear these clothes
The kind that bared her shoulders
The kind that bared her legs
“You’re causing men to stumble and sin!” They’d yell

“Let them gouge out their own eyes,” she’d respond
“I won’t bend to please those who choose to objectify me.”

She wasn’t supposed to kiss him before the ‘I Do’s’
She wasn’t supposed to wrap her arms around him, taking in his scent
She wasn’t supposed to wake up in his arms without a ring on her finger
“Soul ties!” “Slut!”
They’d try to drown her in shame
“You’re cheating on your future husband!”

“Who are you to judge another’s servant?” She’d ask
“My body is mine and no person can tell me how to use it.”

She wasn’t supposed to push back
She wasn’t supposed to disagree
“He’s the head of the household!” They would cry
“God demands your submission.”

“God asks for mutual submission,” She’d reply
“And God gave me a brain He intended for me to use.”

She was supposed to keep the home
She was supposed to raise his babies
But she chose a childfree life instead
She chose to invest her time in her work
“You’re selfish! You’re sinning! You’re disobeying God!” they’d shout

“The sin would be to bring a child into this world,” she’d reply
“That I am not prepared to raise.”

She wasn’t supposed to walk out of the tiny bubble
She wasn’t supposed to forge her own path
“Damnation waits for you!”
They tried to scare her from walking out the door

“If God requires me to remain in oppression to be saved,” She’d always reply
“Then I would gladly choose hell today.”

“You describe to me slavery,” She would continue
“You describe to me the loss of authority over my own body
And you call it righteousness.
You describe to me a living hell, and you call it holiness.
You describe to me an evil villain and you call him good.
I don’t follow that god. I can’t follow your ways.

“I believe better of my God.
There is a big and beautiful world waiting to be explored.
There is love to be found and made.
There are books to be read and careers to expand.
There are churches waiting for leaders like me.

“I follow the One who called me out of your world.
The One who called me out of your legalism.
The One who called me into a life of freedom and grace.

“Wherever my God may call me, I’ll go
Whatever the cost may be
Wherever my God may lead me, I’ll follow
Even if man’s condemnation may wait for me”

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