To My White Brothers & Sisters

To My White Brothers & Sisters:

It’s time to cease our White tears of protest
It’s time to stop asking those with skin different from ours
To be patient with us
To see the intention of our hearts
To assume the best of us

We never gave them that gift
We shouldn’t expect it in return

Its time to stop pushing away our hard feelings
When we’re called out on our actions
When we’re called out on our speech
It’s time to learn to sit with the discomfort of being wrong
It’s time to stop asking others to hold space for us
To stop centering ourselves in their stories

This isn’t about us
It never was

It’s time we closed our mouths
It’s time we listened
It’s time we made the effort to learn
To educate ourselves

We’ve earned no favours
This work is ours to do

Too many bodies of colour have been sacrificed
For the sake of White comfort
Too many voices have been silenced
For the sake of White “safety”

This violence needs to stop

It’s time to reframe the story in our minds
And in our culture
To acknowledge our guilt
And the blood on our hands
It’s time to leave the role of the oppressor
It’s time to lift up those we have tormented
In a thousand ways we never realized
Because our privilege blinded us to our sin

Let us hear the stories of men and woman everywhere
Whose voices have been quieted
Because our Whiteness couldn’t tolerate listening to their pain

We need to put an end to our blindness
So that we may finally acknowledge colour
And the sacred humanity within

Let us change our ways
So mothers can feel the relief of knowing
Their babies will always come home to them
Safe and sound

Let us fight for justice
And mourn with those who mourn
We can no longer silence grief that screams out
For crimes committed against innocence

Let all people to be free
To live their lives without fear
And to truly and finally be heard when they speak

It’s time for long, overdue healing to finally begin

-Shari A Smith (May 29,2020)

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