A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCrieght

This book was chosen for me by the lady who runs the Book of the Month Club I am in. Each month she chooses a thriller for us that we can either buy or opt-out of. I hadn’t actually heard of this one, but the synopsis made it look interesting. So I said, “I’m in!” A week later, the book was in my hands.

The general gist of this story is, it’s a murder mystery. A woman, Amanda, is killed after a risque party at her friend’s house. Rumours are flying about hookups, infidelity, and general all-around dysfunction. Her husband, Zach, a narcissist who also happens to be a start-up genius, is the number one suspect. He was acting strangely at the scene. After assaulting a police officer, he is arrested and held at Rikers prison where he waits to be indicted for his wife’s murder.

In a desperate attempt to clear his name, he reaches out to an old crush of his from law school days, Lizzie Kitsakis. Lizzie is dealing with her own problems and wants nothing less than to be dragged into this case. But she is compelled to fight for the truth. And so she stays on as Zach’s lawyer.

This one had a bit of a slow start for me, but the chapters were short so it was easy to keep on reading. I finished the book within three days. And while the book was enjoyable, I didn’t get into the anxious page-turning mode until about page 300. Then shit happens. The pace picks up. And I *needed* to know what happened next. I may have blown off my partner for an evening just so I could finish the book (sorry, love <3).

In the end, I enjoyed this book. It was an entertaining read. If murder mysteries are your thing, you’ll probably enjoy it too.

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