A Season of Waiting

Today was the first day of Advent. It was also the first time that I experienced Advent in a liturgical setting. Friends, it was such a beautiful service and one that my heart needed.

It was impressed upon me today how much of our faith is centred in the act of waiting.

Abraham waited 86 years to become a father, and another 14 years after that before Isaac was born.

Israel waited in silence for 400 years before Christ was born.

Christ waited 33 years before He began His public ministry.

The blind man his entire life to be healed by Christ.

Our faith requires waiting. Rarely do we ever make a request known to God, and immediately find it in our hands.

Our holy and heavenly Parent does not spare us the hard parts of the waiting. We might experience hurt or anxiety. We may feel loneliness or anger. We may suffer from physical pain. God does not exist to save us from the hardness of life or waiting, contrary to what many of us may have been taught.

I believe that we do not walk alone in our waiting periods. I believe that we worship a Creator who genuinely cares for us and waits for us to turn to her as a child turns to her mother. I believe She always has a shoulder for us to cry on and arms to hold us when we need them.

I believe God uses the waiting period in many ways. I believe She uses it to grow us and strengthen us in ways we likely wouldn’t have without that trial or waiting period (James 1:3). I believe She uses this waiting as a way to portray Her power (John 9:3). I also believe that God meets us in our waiting period to give us comfort, strength, and peace (2 Corinthians 1:5, 1 Peter 5:-7, Philippians 4:4-7).

Are you in a waiting period right now? I can’t promise you that the ending you hope for will magically come along. I can’t promise you that all wrongs will be righted on this side of Heaven. But I can promise you that you are deeply and eternally loved and that you do not walk alone.

Invite your Heavenly Mother into your waiting period. Invite Her into all of the many emotions you feel during this time. When happy: worship. When sad: cry, lament. When angry: yell.

But invite Her to be a part of all of that.

Don’t try to wait alone.





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