White Women, We Need To Do Better

Note: In this article, I have repeatedly used the term, “POC”. I have received a comment suggesting that this is not a helpful term. I’m leaving the article as is written along with the comment at the end in order to be a learning tool. I made a mistake that made someone feel uncomfortable, and I don’t want to hide that. May we all learn together.

Friends, can we talk about that John Macarthur clip for a moment?

I feel like we’ve done a great job covering the sexism, which was the main rant in the clip. But keep listening. There was something else being said.

Jonny Mac spends a good deal of time talking about how feminists are not looking for equality, but rather are seeking power- both in government and within evangelicalism. It’s the only reason, he surmises, that women want to be pastors – we want the power (why is that rarely assumed of men in these circles? Hm… I digress).

After setting up that image of power-hungry heretical feminists, he turns his attention to what he sees as the inherent danger of intersectionality. He specifically cites one example in which the SBC had discussed the concepts of intersectionality and critical race theory and how they may be used in ministry.

I’ve typed out this specific part of the clip:

“I need to add a footnote: When the Southern Baptist met in June and they passed Resolution 9 and they said intersectionality and critical theory are useful tools in interpreting the Bible, that was a watershed moment for that entire movement. Because if the culture has the right to interpret the Bible, they will interpret the Bible and liberalism will take over.

This is an evidence that they are allowing the culture to interpret the Scripture: A couple of weeks after that, there was a panel discussion of the Southern Baptist leaders who said there should never be another translation committee without a Latino, an African American, and a woman on it. A translation of the Bible?! How about somebody who knows Greek and Hebrew? So this is not a minor issue. When you literally overturn the clear teaching of Scripture to empower people who want power, you have given up Biblical Authority. This is not a small issue.”

He is arguing that the SBC is in dangerous territory by employing the use of intersectionality.

This is not okay.

This is racism.

I was convicted of speaking up about this yesterday when I ran across a twitter thread calling out the hypocrisy of those that stand up for Beth Moore but fail to stand up against Macarthur’s racism. This is one small part of this thread that really spoke to me:


This isn’t the only tweet I saw yesterday from Women of Colour on this issue. There is a lot of anger towards White Christian feminists right now. And for good reason: Once again, we have left our WOC sisters in the cold. We hurt them by our silence. We stood up and fought against lies being spoken over women in the church, but few of us called out the racism and white supremacy that are being espoused in this clip.

And we are wrong to ignore that.

John MacArthur and his buddies were not just disparaging feminists. They were also slamming every non-White believer who demands equality within Christendom as liberal, power-hungry heretics. As a White woman, I was angry and hurt over the words spoken against my gender. But Women of Colour didn’t just hear the sexism. They heard that they are doubly disqualified from serving God because of their gender and their race.

They heard White men telling them to know their place.

White women, we fight a good fight when we stand up for our rights. But we fail when we do not call out other White people in their racism (read: sin) against POC. Particularly when so many People of Colour have been fighting long before we got here to be seen as equals. To not recognize when they are being singled out by White men with influence is to fail them in a very big way.

We can do better.

We need to do better.

2 thoughts on “White Women, We Need To Do Better

  1. Hi Shari,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. While I agree with most of what you said, your POC caught me off balance. Some of us are ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery), others may be from our southern borders, others having arrived by plane. Our issues are not at all the same. We are trying to recover from slavery/jimcrow/redlining/etc….these issues are ours singularly. We would rather not be bundled with the others as our issued then tend not to be addressed.

    Thanks much!


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