Braving The Wilderness with Brené

I just finished this book mere moments ago.


I feel like this is the book I should have read about 15 years ago. When I didn’t understand the difference between fitting in and belonging. I didn’t understand boundaries. I didn’t even know who I was, really.

This is the book I should have read 5 years ago before I walked into the wilderness in my life and I suddenly had to stand on my own two feet. I found myself without a tribe to belong to, and that’s a very lonely and scary feeling (Jen Hatmaker even contributes a few words in this book on her experience in the wilderness which made me tear up and go, “omg – she’s writing my exact life story!”)

Brown discusses what it means to truly belong to yourself. This means you don’t fold on your convictions because the world stands in disagreement. It means you don’t change yourself in order to find a tribe you fit in with.

She talks about owning ourselves, the meaning of which she sums up with the acronym, “BRAVING”:

She discusses issues of polarity that plague our society – specifically politics. And how to respect others in order to find common ground. This means knocking down the walls that divide us. This means we cannot “otherize” those who disagree with our beliefs. Yes, that means you’ve got to start seeing that Trump supporter or that Liberal as a human being with feelings, thoughts, and inherent value in this world – just like you. They aren’t the enemy.

(She was preaching to me hard on that topic)

She even touches on the gun debate, but you’ve likely seen some of her words on that floating around in light of the Parkland shooting.

I cannot recommend this book enough.

Go to your local library and reserve a copy today.

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