The Nashville Statement 2.0

A couple of days ago, I posted my response to the infamous Nashville Statement, I went article by article to discuss how nearly every one had added to or contradicted Scripture. I posted it as a knee jerk reaction and in anger because of the homophobic/transphobic/misogynistic implications therein.

The next day I removed the post. I did this for a couple of reasons:

1) in my anger, I don’t think I expressed myself as well as I’d like. I think it might’ve been easy for someone to misunderstand what I was trying to say.

2) It accomplishes nothing to go point by point. I know the mindset of this community well. No one listens when an argument is presented like that. All it does is become a trigger for a debate. And I’m not interested in debating a single thing. Debates are only good for boosting egos and bullying (“look how soundly I beat that loser! He’s clearly deficient at the arts of thinking and humaning”). They don’t lead to any kind of change in mind or heart.

What I will address is this:

The sum of their argument came down to drawing a line in the sand. They were serious when they said anyone who disagrees with their theology is not to be considered a Christian. Their gospel is built around the condemnation of the LGBTQ community. And those who cannot agree are, to them, damned.

Yes. You read that right. They believe that Jesus died so that we could condemn the LGBTQ community.

This gospel definition was signed by many well known teachers/pastors/authors in evangelicalism. You may want to pause here and check the list of signatories to see who is influencing your soul. You may want to rethink reading that book you’ve got sitting on your bookshelf.

If they want to follow this new gospel, that is their right. They live in a country that allows them religious freedom.

If they want to say I’m not a Christian. Or deny me the right of saying I’m a Christian because I disagree with their gospel, that’s fine too. I do not answer to them. They are not my spiritual leaders. And I will not bow to their heresy.

I’m very okay being told I do not fit in with their idea of Christianity. Because I don’t. And I have no desire too.

Let them smugly draw lines in the sand and add to the gospel things Christ never discussed. Let them set themselves up as the judges of righteousness. They have their reward.

Imma be over here with all the other outcasts and sinners. You know like Jesus said to.

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